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About Me

Hello and welcome to Mahreen’s Kitchen. My name is Mahreen, and I’m a British Pakistani blogger, content and recipe creator. I currently live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with my husband and two boys.

Whilst my back ground has been in corporate and mainstream education, recipe testing and creating new and exciting content have always been a passion of mine.

For as long as I can remember, I would always find my “happy place” in the kitchen, watching my mum and grandma create wonderful mouthwatering recipes. My grandma was a traditionalist, who would not part way with tradition. Her food was full of flavor and spice, that is central to Pakistani cuisine, whilst my mum would always experiment, tweaking recipes here and there, and learning new recipes, as many women who moved to the west from their home countries did.

My Childhood was filled with the heady fragrance of biryani’s and kormas, as well as the comforting and earthy vibes you could only get with a good shepherds pie!

The lessons I learnt in the kitchen from two of my biggest inspirations, is what has inspired me to create my own magic in my kitchen, carrying their legacy forward, whilst creating my own for my kids.

So join me in my kitchen, where I create new and exciting recipes, which I hope will also inspire you to create culinary legacies of your own!